Garden Mulch


by Muhammad Zubair Amin

This article is going to become very informative and interesting because this article is not only about conservative mulch but also about the innovative ideas about mulch technology. I will also teach you how you make your own mulch at your garden. Every person is becoming more curious about mulch technology. Without any further delay we directly jumped over the Mulch. What is mulch?

Mulch is an Insulating covering material of soil either organic or inorganic in nature. It regulates the soil temperature and keeps water available for the soil. It also suppresses the growth of weed and inhibited the weed germination.


  • regulate the soil temperature
  • conserve the water moisture
  • suppress the weed growth

Types of mulching material

There are two types of mulching material used in the agriculture farming which are mentioned blew

Organic mulching material

Inorganic mulching material

1.Organic mulching material

Mulching material which is composed of organic material is called organic mulch. There are different kinds of organic mulch like Wheat straw, Rive husk, paper, hay, coconut and organic manure.

In organic mulch there are further two types of organic mulch.

  • Live Organic Mulch
  • Dead organic mulch

Live organic mulch

Live organic Mulch is composed of the live Plant. In this type plant are selected whose spreading is more and thick shade and cover the soil completely.

Dead organic mulch

This mulch is composed of the dead organic material i.e. Plant residues like leaf, stem, bark, roots branches, compost and manure.

Inorganic mulch

If the material of mulch is not composed of organic material then it is serving as inorganic mulch. The examples of the inorganic mulch are stone, gravels and plastic material. Inorganic mulch does not improve the soil properties like organic mulch. Plastic mulch should be remove and replace every year and this increase the cost of the mulch.


Mulch has lot of benefits. Due to its benefits one can understand the importance of the mulch. Following are the benefits of the mulch.


Water is very important agent in growing fruit trees and vegetable. But the use of the correct amount of the water is also very essential. Water can be regularizing with the use of mulch. Mulched soil keep moisture for long time and make available for plant. Mulch increases the water retention ability and water holding capacity of soil. It reduces the evaporation and other leaching and runoff water losses. Mulch reduces the water requirement of the soil and save the huge quantity of water for being waste.


Weed controlling is serious problem in gardening. But now you don’t need to worry about this problem. Mulch is very helpful in controlling the weeds of the garden and field. High and thick mulch suppress the growth of weeds by not allowing light to penetrate in to the mulch. Even seed of the weed remain underside of the mulch. In this way mulch stop the weeds from germinating.


Organic matter is very compulsory for good soil and for good production of the fruit trees and vegetables. Mulch increases the organic matter in the soil. Mulch provides a favorable place for the activity of the micro organisms and earth worm. Both micro organisms and earthworm degrade the organic mulch into organic material. Hence organic mulch increases the organic matter of the soil.

 It also improves the physical properties of the soil. Compaction of soil can be remove by the use of the mulch. If you want to learn about the Paradoxical Agriculture then click here.


Extreme temperature like excessive high and low temperature can cause injury to the plant. It is very important to regulate the temperature of the soil. Mulch regulator the temperature as said earlier. It prevents the root zone of the plant for becoming very extreme. Mulch act as a insulating material for extreme temperature.


Plant takes its food in the form of ion with the help of the roots. Without proper root development the growth of the plant should be disturbed. Good root development of the plant is very essential for the batter growth and high yield.

 Mulch plays an important role in growth and development of the plant. It keeps the soil loose and enhance the activity micro-organisms and earthworm which further loose the soil and give favorable condition for the growth and development of the root of the plant.


Now a day people have more concern about the quality of the harvest. Quality of the commodity can be improved by using different techniques and methods and mulch is one of them. Mulch improves the quality of the commodities. Direct contact of commodity with soil decrease the quality of the harvest. By using mulch there is no direct contact of commodity hence there is no microbial activity which increase the quality of the harvest.


Soil erosion is a serious threat to the farming. Most gardeners trying to coup with the soil erosion. This problem appears when heavy rain fall take place. This problem can be settling by using of the mulch. Mulch covers the soil and decrease the soil erosion.

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