By education, I am a professional horticulturist and have theoretical knowledge of gardening. I know how to grow different kinds of the plants. This is not only due to my academic education but also due to my interest and passion. One of the main reasons for establishing the garden at home is my passion. Many of us want to study my story about establishing a garden in 2021.

God give diverse things to the various people. In my case he gave me plants.

I love plants. I love plants by my child and this love is unconditional.

When I was a child I wanted to play with the plants. I picked up the seeds and planted in to the soil. My unpaved courtyard is always full with the plant when the growing seasons started. That scene is very beautiful. When any gust came into my home and he surprised by seeing the baby plants into my mini garden.

In the month of the July and August when the mango season started, my father brought mangoes. After eating the mangoes the seeds of the mangoes which left, I planted these seed into the moist and wet soil. After some days the seeds of the mangoes started sprouting from the shell of the seeds. The brownish color of the emerging stem and embryonic leaf gave me true happiness. The crazy feeling keep me happy and I witness for changing the color of the leaf and stem from brownish to greenish. The size and color of the leaf depends upon the variety of the mango that use for sprouting. Some emerging and embryonic leaves are small and others are big. But big leave mangoes were my favorite. The small baby plant with brittle leave gave a beautiful sense of humor. Even though I had not successful in saving any plant to the maturity level of the mangoes.

I planted a huge number of the plant to my home and outside of the home.  I have grown various types of the plants including Pomegranate, Fig, Guava, Mangoes, Jamen, Duraikh (Melia azadrakh), Peeple, Poplar, Siris tree, Keekar, Shehtoot, Sufaida, Ficus, citrus and Lemon. These trees are those which are easily available into my surroundings.  

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