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Rose is a beautiful flowering plant and everyone wants to plant the rose in his hose, garden, balcony, lawn and roof. I choose this topic, how to plant roses from cuttings because the winter is ending and spring is going to start. This is the best time for growing roses from cuttings.

 With the start of the spring, every person tries to establish his lawn and ready for the planting of the ornamental plants. Spring is the best season for the planting and growing of new plants.

Now we directly jump over the main topic of how to grow roses from cuttings. I made the step-by-step process of the growing rose from cutting to make your full understanding.

Selection of the Variety of Roses

There are different types of rose groups: Miniature, Floribundas, Hybrid tea roses, Grandiflora, Polyantha pompon and Climbers. Whether you want to grow a large size flower or a small fragmented flower, you can select the rose cultivar according to your requirements.

Rose is a very diverse type of plant. More than sixty shades of color are found in roses. There are different shapes of the plant found in roses. The position of the flower attached to the branch is a factor of consideration for the selection of the plant because it intensifies rose beauty.   

Selection of branch of roses

After selection of the variety, the next process is the selection of the branch. The branch should be healthy, disease-free and new growth of the previous year. The girth of the branch for cutting of rose should be pencil thickness.  

Collection and preparation of cutting

After the branch, the next process is the collection of the rose cuttings. For the collection of the cuttings, you must have mentioned the point in your mind.

  • Use a sharp  and clean knife or pruning shear to cut the branch
  • Make a slanting cut on both sides of the cutting
  • Cutting should be 6 to 8 inches long
  • Remove the leaf from the cutting if any
  • Keep the sapling moist
  • Use disinfectant to remove the germ from the sapling
  • Put the sapling into to jar
  • The jar should be kept in the cool and moist place

Preparation of the growing media

Media preparation is an important process in growing the rose from cutting. Normally roses prefer to grow on well-drained, porous heavy clay loam soil. But for the propagation of the roses, we prepare different media that have fewer incidences of the diseases.

Prepared soil mixes are available in the market. But if you want to prepare your media for the propagation of the roses, you should have garden soil, sand and organic matter or peat moss. These are the three components from which you can prepare your potting mix.

Mix the garden soil, sand and peat moss in ratio 1:1:1 for the optimum benefits. The proportion of these three components should be mix in such a way that a homogeneous mixture prepare.

Planting of the rose cutting

After preparing the mix, put the potting mix into the polythene bag or the wooden or plastic pot. Shake the pot or polythene bag and slightly press the cutting to remove the extra space from the potting mix. A rooting hormone should be used to fast the growth of the root.

Make a hole in the rooting mix with the help of any stick with the same girth as the sapling. Put the lower two-third part of the sapling into the hole. Fill the gap between the cutting and the potting mix with the help of the finger and thumb. 

Watering the Cutting     

Immediately watering the rose cutting with the help of the shower. Keep watering after every three to four days to keep the soil moist. Care should be taken that the cutting does not dry and keep moist. Avoid too much water to the plate because it starts attack of the fungus and rotting the cutting.

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