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Today I will teach you how to start gardening. I am here for those people who want to learn gardening but they do not know where to and how to start. I assure you after reading this article you will able to start gardening.

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So let’s start the topic of how to start gardening. I am making a step-by-step process that everyone can understand how to start gardening.


  1. Make a plan
  2. Choice of the Location
  3. Selection of plant material
  4. Selection of the growing media
  5. Purchase the essential gardening tools
  6. Preparation of the land
  7. Sowing of the planting material
  8. Irrigation of garden
  9. Fertilizer requirement of the plants
  10. Enjoy the harvest produce

1. Make a plan

The first thing in starting a garden is your plan. Take a bold step in starting your garden. You can start gardening from your 500 square feet of space. Later on, you can increase the space of your garden. But if you are planning to start a big garden which includes vegetables, fruits, flowers and shrubs. You should plan the size of your garden that fulfills the requirements of your demand.

2. Choice of the Location

Your location is very critical in establishing the garden. Where are you wanted to establish the garden? Whether this site is shady or sunny. How long this site receives light from the sun. Are you located in between the high roof buildings? These are all the questions that you should keep in mind while selecting the site for your garden.

The requirements of light are not similar for different plants. Some plants need full sunlight for a longer time while veggies need partial sunlight for the lower duration.

Apart from the light, you should keep in mind the accessibility of the site. You should be easy access to your garden.

Make a windbreak or protection wall around your garden. It will protect your garden from anything which harms your garden whether it would be a pet and wild animal

3. Selection of plant material

The meaning of the planting material is what you want to grow into your garden. Are you wanted to grow vegetables or fruit and flower or simple decorative plant?

If you have a small space my advice to you to grow the only vegetable.  But if you have much free space then you have to grow the entire things like fruit trees, flowers, shrubs and vegetables. Because it needs a relatively large area due to their height.

4. Selection of the growing media

There are different types of growing Media. Everyone has its pros and cons. I am not advertising or convincing you that you have to buy this media for your plant. But I am talking about using good media. I have written a complete article on the types and characteristics of a growing media.  You can select growing media according to your budget and needs. If you have budget you can buy peat moss, coco peat or perlite but if you want to use garden soil. Make sure to correct the nutrition value and its aeration.

5. Purchase the essential gardening tools

Tools make your work easier and increase your working efficiency. A good gardener should invest in the purchase of good tools.

The selection of the tools is very important. The new gardener does not know about the tool. Which tool is essential and good for you and which is not? To resolve this problem i am mentioning some tools for the new gardeners.  The essential garden tools are given blew

  1. Garden shovel
  2. Trowel
  3. Garden hoe
  4. Leaf or garden rake
  5. Watering shower
  6. Wheel borrow

If you want to study the complete list of gardening tools with their description you can click here.

6. Preparation of the land

Before planting the seeds of the vegetable and flower plants you need to prepare the land. Land preparation is very essential for sowing the seeds.

Prepare the land with machinery implements if you want to establish a large scale garden. For a smaller one, you can prepare with hand implements.

Loose the soil so that the plant penetrates its root into this soil. Seedling of the big tree has the potential to grow even on hard soils but delicate plant seedlings do not even survive in hard soil.

You can use a garden shovel to lose the soil. Clean the land if you found any gravels, pebbles, stones, plastic bottle or anything other which make your working difficult. 

7. Sowing of the planting material

After cleaning and preparing the land the next step is sowing the planting material into the soil. You have to choose the planting method depending upon the requirements of the planting material.

If you are growing vegetables from seeds you need to prepare the beds or furrows but if you are planting a baby fruit plant you need to dig a hole double in size the boll of the plant.

Dig the hole into the soil with the help of a digger, shovel, or spade. Place the earthen boll into the hole and put the nutritive media to fill the gap between the hole and earthen boll of the plant.

8. Irrigation of the garden

Irrigate your plant when you feel the media is going to dry. There is no hard and fast rule for irrigation. But mostly give water to your plant weekly in the dry season or summer and fortnightly in winter.

Overwatering is also risky for the plant. Just keep in mind not to dry the soil. There should be an adequate supply of moisture every time the plant root. On sunny days the demand for water to plants increases due to an increase in the rate of evaporation. 

If your plants growing into the pots use a shower for watering it but if your plants growing on the ground, furrow, or on the beds use a water pump pipe to irrigate them.

There is some critical period in the life of a plant when plants become more susceptible to water. At that stage, if the plants do not receive the water it will result in a more drastic effect on the plant health and its yield. The flowering and fruiting period is very critical to the watering.

9. Fertilizer requirement of the plants

There are different types of the fertilizers present in the market. Adding right type of fertilizer to the plant is very essential. Plants show different symptom for the deficiency of the fertilizers. There are two methods for applying the fertilizers:

  • Through roots
  • Through Foliar

Choose right type of the fertilizer in adequate amount to nourish your plants.

10. Enjoy the harvest produce

At the end of your effort t is time for rewarding you by the garden. You worked in the garden for nourishing your plant but this time your garden will nourish you.

When fruits and vegetables reach maturity it is time to harvest your produce. Pick a good basket and a furnished knife to go into your garden. Harvest your fruit and vegetable gently with the help of the knife and put it into the fruit basket.  

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