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Gardening is a very interesting and enthusiastic hobby when it comes to gardening of valuable plants and vegetables. People from various regions used to plants including fruits and vegetables for their basic needs, using these items in foods and meals. All the crops are grown in rural areas like villages and countryside because there is a huge amount of land available for cropping and gardening. But now this is not the only common part of planting, the citizens also have made this phenomenon of planting common in their cities if they are having the availability of building gardens. There are lots of things we can plant even in gardens on the city side. Planting in a garden and maintaining it requires more effort and energy so people usually plant valuable crops that would fit their needs somehow.

Your garden has more worth when rich crops produce harvesting results. They are of more value that can be helpful if you manipulate your garden in the best way. They can make a source of income if you plant-rich and valuable crops in your garden they will also provide you the food in a variety of ways


If you have someplace in your home and want to plant vegetables then it’s a very useful idea. As far as nutrition and health is concern vegetables are a great source of health and also take much use in cooking. Following are the best vegetables that can be planted in the garden:

1. Tomato:

Tomatoes by red hoor

Tomato is very useful to plant in home gardening. Due to its nutrition value, it has great uses in meals.  Uncooked tomato use into the salad and cooked tomato use in culinary purposes. Most vegetable gardeners give first place to tomatoes in their vegetable garden. It is a summer vegetable but found in the market around the year. In winter it can be grown using vegetable forcing. Tomato can be grown using both methods raised bed and container gardening. Most of the tomatoes require 10-12 weeks to reach up to maturity. Indeterminate varieties of tomato yielding heavy productions round the year. 4-5 plants of tomatoes are enough for daily use for a family.

2. Mint:

Mint is a useful herb that grows easily and doesn’t take much time on its growth. People especially grow mints on pots in their balcony as it becomes safe and can’t be manifest by small animals and the harmful pests. Mint has its beauty when planted in a garden as it can be planted in a row to express its look which is very pleasing for people. Mint is more often required in cooking and it is also very good for the body as it refreshes and provides a cooling effect on it. Most of the people use mint in making mint juice, Mint sauce, and salad. Mint spread beautiful aroma when hand subjected to mint.

3. Spinach:

Spinach also includes Leafy vegetables. When it comes to Spinach many of the people love to eat it due to its dietary fibers that increase stomach activity. It is one of the crops that grow in a cold climate. Spinach sprouts fast and with ease so if you are looking for some spinach to grow then you could directly sow in the garden. For planting the spinach you can sow it in a row on any fertile area for a few weeks until the temperature rises.

4. Lettuce:

Leafy vegetable gives pleasant look when someone enters into the garden. It refreshes one mind. Many people grow different types of lettuce. Lettuce that you are growing good for a tossed salad. The seeds of lettuce are very cheap. Lettuce is a cool weather plant thus it may be planted in early spring or fall. Seedlings of lettuce will truly handle a bit little bit of frost. Lettuce can be planted on raised beds, rows, and in the gardening pot. Seeds of Lettuce directly scattered after watering, after germination lettuce is ready after 4-6 weeks.

5. Green Beans:

Green beans are very tasty if cooked well. Beans are full of minerals and have health benefits. Green beans are very easy to grow. You just need some seed to put these seeds into the soil and give them water. After sometime beans are ready for the harvesting when the pods of beans subjected to semi-hard. If you have support for trailing then you have to limb the beans plant to trailing net for healthy beans pod.

6. Cucumber:

Most people like cucumber due to its cooling effect and use in a salad. Cucumber is very easy for growing. Just you need to sow seeds of cucumber into the soil and give water with an interval of 2-3 days and require trailing for growth. If you have a container then the single seed of cucumber sow into the container or pot. Many people take the production of cucumber around the year with the use of tunnel technology.


It is considered that fruits are not appropriate and suitable for home gardening as they require a lot of space as well as time to reach its production. But some fruits are fit for planting in the garden as fruits are extremely rich crops. Some fruits require less space and less time to reach maturity. These types of fruit good for Home gardening. Following are the fruits you can plat in your garden:

1. Strawberry:


Strawberry seems rare but you can plant it in your garden. It is a form of a berry and arranged with leaves on the top in a crown shape, having sensitive roots spread up to 6 inches in the soil. Strawberries are highly precious but also require more stamina to look after them. In the subcontinent, strawberry remains in the market in winter to early summer. Strawberries are delicious and tender this is why it has very shelf life. After maturity, you can consume it directly or making juice.

2. Apples:

This fruit are very common in nature as they can be eaten almost in all seasons. Apples have high demand in all areas including cities and rural areas. Planting apples to grow fully requires much time and it is dependable on the root-stock. It would be a vantage point to build a small garden only for apple trees as to increase in their production because apples are the fruits people used to eat daily even for a lunch and apples also having different qualities including Red Apples, Green Apples, and Golden Apples.

3. Lemon:

People are very keen to grow lemon in their home is an evergreen plant with leathery leave which increase the beauty of the home garden. Lemon is also full of vitamin C, which prevents diseases by increases the Immunity of man. You can grow lemon in full sunlight into your garden. Some varieties of lemon give good production round the year. Lemon has a cooling effect when using it into squashes. In short, lemon is the best plant to grow in the garden.

4. Citrus:

Just like lemon people also grow citrus in their home garden. Citrus has many varieties and each having its different taste. Unlike lemon, citrus gives fruit annually. The size of the citrus plant is larger than the lemon plant. This is why training and pruning of citrus are very compulsory to control the size and direction of citrus. Rainy and spring season are best for citrus growing.

5. Guava:

Guava is a very delicious fruit can be grown on all types of soil. Those soils that are not suitable for cropping, guava can easily grow on those soil. Fruit of guava good for cooling effect, Stomach, skin problem. Guava restores more Vitamin c than any other fruit. One can plant guava either rainy season or in the spring season. Always select the low growing plant of guava only for home gardening. Don’t forget the training and pruning of guava to make a strong structure and control the size of the Guava. Dry and diseased branches should be removed from the plant with the use of Seceature


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