Problems of organic farming

Before going toward the problems of organic farming first, we understand that what is organic farming?

In simple word, organic farming is the production of food, vegetables, fruits, cereal and fodder without the use of the synthetic pesticide, herbicide, fertilizers, growth hormone or any kind of chemical and genetic engineered crop is called organic farming.

Everyone knows about the importance of fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones and the use of the chemical to increase production and gain more profit. The world population is progressing so rapidly. Feeding the world population is a serious problem facing many countries. So many of us think without the use of a chemical in farming we cannot feed the world and gain maximum production. Hence the quality of the produce decreases by the use of the chemical. These are the major problem facing organic farming. Apart from that there are many other important factors which create problems are mentioned blew.

Major problems of organic farming

  There are some basic issues and problems of organic farming that I have mentioned blew in this article step by step.

Consumer awareness (Social image of organic farming)

Awareness to the consumer about the product is the key to success for the business. The majority of the public doesn’t know about organic farming. A small percentage of the public, who is either educated or conscious about mental and physical health, is well aware of organic farming and its importance. Therefore a small percentage of the public wants to purchase organic products.

Consumer behavior

 Consumer behavior matters first in purchasing any products. The majority of the Asian, African and South American populations have not premium buying power. Most of the organic products are high in prices because of the measure taken to produce the product. Customer neglects this factor while purchasing any product. He can’t satisfy with this price. The consumer thinks he is getting the same product at a low price then why he pays more.

Lack of Professional knowledge

  A study in the Czech Republic revealed that one of the major issues in organic farming is the lack of professional knowledge. Like every field of life professional knowledge of organic farming has its importance in today’s time.

Transition period

    Organic farming required at least three years of the transition period. It is the minimum time that requires it to convert conventional farming to organic farming.

The main problem of the transition time is farmer can’t sell their produce as organics. This is why he has to sell his commodity at a lower price. During the transition period, the production of the farm per unit hectare is very low. Farmer suffers a lot during this period. The new farmers who want to shift their conventional farm to the organic farm have great fear about this transition period.

Government policies

Another major problem with organic farming is government policy. Every government is not interested in incentifing organic farming. Every government tries its best to give more incentives and subsidies to the conventional farmer. But there is no incentive or subsidy to organic farming. This discouraging behavior of the government urges the farmer not to adopt organic farming.

Less availability of the biopesticide

Organic biopesticide is not available in the market for the control of insect pest. Farming is done in the open field. This open field is the house of many insect pests and diseases. These insects attack on crops growing in the field. In organic farming, biopesticides are the only way to counter this problem. But unfortunately, biopesticides are not available to the farmer. in conventional farming, different insecticides available in the market to counter the attack of the insect.

Less yield of the commodity?

 Research published in 2018 in the journal named as Annual review of Resource economics the researcher gives a different opinion about the yield. The author gives the reference of the different researchers about the yield. He mentioned a reference that Badgley claims a 74% increase in the crop yield of organic practices in developed countries and a 9% decrease in the yield of the organic practices as compared to the conventional farming in developing countries.

The strict protocol of Certification

A major constrain in the way of organic farming is certification. Certification of organic farming is not available in every country and international certification of organic farming is not easy. There are very strict protocols that a farmer has to adopt for the certification of organic farming.

Lack of processing unit

A study on organic farming in the Czech Republic reveals that there are fewer organic processing capabilities in organic farming. Due to a lack of processing units in the small and medium industry, the produce sells at a minimal and cheap price. Hence the profit margin of the grower is very low and the farmer suffers a lot. 

Producer and consumer linkages

There is a big gap between Producer and consumer. The producer has no idea about the market for organic farming and the consumer also has no information from where he found the organic products. There is no direct link between producer and consumer.

High labor cost

Another problem in organic agriculture is high labor costs. Most of the operations in organic farming done by labor. The small farmer has no resources to peruse the mechanization. The price per unit commodity is high due to the use of labor.

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