Fruit farming in Pakistan

Before going in-depth about fruit farming in Pakistan first, we understand the meaning and definition of the fruit farming

What is fruit farming?

               “Fruit farming is the growing of the fruits for human food”

Pakistan fruit economy

Pakistan is an agro-based country whose agriculture sector contributes 19% to the national gross domestic production (GDP). Horticulture and especially fruit farming (Pomology) has its significant importance in the country. Pakistan is exporting many fruits and its product to the international markets. The share of fruits in export is increasing with the advent of every year. There is a big demand for Pakistani fruit in the international market but instead of increasing the export of the fruit, we are left behind in export because of the poor quality of the produce. Our mango remains out of the stream for many years due to the latex problem. Pakistani mandarin (kinnow) has the best taste in the whole citrus family but we are unable to follow the sanitary and phytosanitary measures.

According to the Government of Pakistan, the area under cultivation of fruits in Pakistan is about 875 000 hectares. The total production of fruits in the country is about 7.2 million tons. However, the average production of fruits per hectare in the country is about 8.23 tons. The average production of fruits in the advanced countries is about 20-25 tons per hectare. These statistics show that the fruit farming industry of Pakistan is lacking behind in production per hectare. However area under the fruit cultivation in Pakistan is quite reasonable. But Pakistan has a great potential to increase its area and average production per hectare in fruit farming.   

Fruit growing areas in Pakistan

Fruit farming is considered to be a profitable sector in Pakistan. Different fruits are growing in different regions of the country. Citrus growing in Central Punjab, Mango in Southern Punjab, Banana in Lower Sindh, Apple in Baluchistan and Grapes in Baluchistan.  Plum is growing in Swat, Quetta, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

Climate of Pakistan

The geography of Pakistan is very feasible in concern to fruit farming. Pakistan is blessed with favorable fruit farming conditions. The dry arid region to the moist mountainous region lies under the shade of Pakistan. Different types of climatic conditions at a time found in Pakistan. Pakistan can produce every type of fruit that is growing in the world.

Role of Government

The role of the government should be very positive in making any project successful. Cultivation of the olive in Pakistan is rapidly gaining attention. The government of Punjab is playing a central role in enhancing the area under the cultivation of Olive production. The government is giving 2 million olive plants to the habitant of the Pothwar valley. A land mark initiative of the government of Punjab to convert the arid zone into a high-value olive valley. Government

Importance of fruit farming in Pakistan

Fruit farming is becoming an important industry in Pakistan. Different fruits and vegetables are being exported to different countries. Pakistan is making good revenue from these exports. Besides making the foreign exchange for the country, the fruit industry is a source of employment in the country. The citrus processing industry of Sargodha benefiting the country by creating 250,000 direct employment opportunities for the people.

Major Exported Fruits


Pakistan is exporting many horticultural products. Citrus is the top product in the fruit farming industry. The export of the Citrus in years 2020-2021 would cross the worth of 210 million US dollars. The export of the kinnow (Mandarin) is about 350,000 tons as said by the Chairman PFVA (All Pakistan Fruit & vegetable exporters, importers & merchants association). The total production of citrus in Pakistan in the year 2020-21 would be 2.1 million tons. But 75% of the total production of fruit does not fulfill the export requirements. The volume of the citrus industry in the country is about 125 billion rupees.


The total production of mango in Pakistan is more than 1.5 million tons. During the year 2020, The Mango (The king of the fruits) exports of Pakistan cross 150,000 tons which gain the revenue of 72 Million US Dollar. The biggest importers of mango during this year are Afghanistan, UAE, Iran and Oman.

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